Jeff Huckleberry

Jeff brings over thirty years of experience building, repairing bicycles of all levels, and a passion for riding both on and off road. He has managed bicycle shop service departments with over five million dollars in revenue, has wrenched on the bicycles of elite athletes and is renowned in the bicycle community as one the sport’s foremost technicians. Outside of bicycles, Jeff is also a professional artist. He was a teacher at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, his alma mater, and has shown his work at galleries, museums and festivals around the world. He brings technical expertise, a brilliant aesthetic, and a variety of disparate yet complementary skills and passions to every project he engages. He recently rode his motorcycle solo across the country to begin the Summer project here in San Diego.

Craig Gaulzetti

Craig has been working in the bike industry his entire adult life. A former division iii bike racer in Belgium, Craig found himself as an Operations Manager of a large Boston based multi-store bicycle shop after completing University. Most recently, he has been a Sales and Brand Director for the largest manufacturer of Bicycles in the United States. He has helped hundreds of bicycle retailers become profitable and fun businesses. He also builds his own line of racing bicycles. He aims to bring experiential happiness to those around him. When he is not thinking about, talking about, selling, designing or riding bicycles he is probably drinking beer, playing bad rock and roll, messing about with cars or motorcycles, or reading books by Denis Johnson or Theodore Adorno. He’s comfortable in many places and around many things- but feels most at home when surrounded with the very high-brow or the very low-brow. He tries to always be learning, brave and full of wonder. Craig relocated to San Diego to continue his life’s work, now manifested as Summer.




STE 150

DEL MAR, CA 92014