We have been working together for over two decades designing, building, selling, servicing and fitting handmade custom bikes. We can read each other’s chicken scratch, know all the best tricks for measuring reach and drop, and understand how small changes in everything from handlebar shape to brake hood position can influence a rider’s set up. We’re generally both of the opinion that a proper bike fit is one that allows the cyclist to adopt the position and biomechanics used by the best cyclists. Our experience has also shown us that correct positioning on a bike results in increased efficiency, speed, comfort and, frankly, fun for cyclists of all levels.

We focus on “Custom Hand Built” bikes because it’s the stuff we like. The advantage of getting a custom bike or any of the products we offer here at Summer Cycles is that the product is designed and built without compromise. Proper fit is the basis for this entire process.

Summer Cycles views “fit” as an integral part of providing cyclists with the bikes and cycling products that function flawlessly. Proper fit is the basis for almost everything we do here. For this reason, we include a bicycle fit with the purchase of every relevant product we sell.  Whether you are buying a new bicycle, a new saddle, handlebar, shoes, pedals, or even a helmet, we feel it is our obligation to insure that these products integrate with you and your position in a way that improves your cycling performance.

We’ll look at you on our Purely Custom fit bike to ensure that the muscle compression on those new Giordana Bib Shorts is working for you.  We’ll closely examine your power output, pedal stroke and position to ensure your new Sidi Shots are giving you a quantifiable improvement in performance, and, of course, we’ll work with your range of motion and desired handling traits to ensure that your new Deda M35 stem and bar are making you faster and more comfortable.

At the end of the day, world class bicycles and equipment are designed and built solely to improve the experience of cycling.  Here at Summer Cycles that promise is guaranteed!

A fitting session can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours for which we charge a flat rate of $250.

To schedule a fitting:
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